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9 May '88 Mainstream Rock


Here I am Working long distance tonight I get lonely Operator give me a line Big wheel turning Living on the edge of a dime I don't remember their names Everytime is looking the same When you turn out the light Still I know there's something I'm missing [Chorus] Take me back to the country I need the open spaces The love that I know keeps calling Welcome me home Welcome me home

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I remember We had to fight to survive To a ??? How we let our hearts on the line I know this love is driving me home Anything to get you alone Though I try to pretend it never ended Now I know it's you that helped me [Repeat Chorus] You see the boys hanging around You see they shut the factory down Driving that cars, drinking in bars And through their eyes I see what they're thinking Let's just pretend nothing's missing Take me back Welcome me home Well take me back Welcome me home [Repeat Chorus] x3


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