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10 Jun '88 Mainstream Rock


Everybody's jumping on the circus train Some jump high, some jump off again And the razzmatazz is rolling, women folk unveiled All truths to light, all crosses nailed Aiming high where the eagle circles Where he keeps his tail feathers clean And wonders 'am I still a free bird? Or just a part of the machine. They hitch their coverd wagons and they roll out west Politics in the pockets of their sunday best Shaking hands, kissing babies, for all that they're worth Oh, they promise you gold, promise heaven on earth

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Still, that old bald eagle circles It's not the first time that he's seen His reflection in the eyes of innocence He's become just another Part of the machine I wish I had an eagle like you To look up to He could be my wings to fly in a big bird sky Up above the whole machine Smart guys aren't running, they're home and dry Up in the mountains where the eagle flies They wouldn't take that job offered on a plate They got to fly with the eagle, and he won't wait Looking down on the smoke and the factories Till the truth creeps up unseen They see themselves in the faces of their children And realize they too are part of the machine. I wish I had an eagle like you To wake up to He could be my wings to fly In a big bird sky, hey Let's be part of the machine Part of the machine


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