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Lyrics by: Bob Dylan, Robert Hunter
# Debut Chart
5 Jun '88 Mainstream Rock


Stake my future on a hell of a past Looks like tomorrow is coming on fast Ain't complaining 'bout what I got Seen better times but who has not

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[CHORUS] Silvio, silver and gold Won't buy back the beat Of a heart grown cold Silvio, I gotta go Find out something only dead men know Honest as the next day rolling that stone When I come knocking don't throw me no bone I'm an old boll weevil looking for a home If you don't like it you can leave me alone I can snap my fingers and acquire the rain From a clear blue sky and turn it off again I can stroke your body and relieve your pain Charm the whistle off an evening train [repeat CHORUS] Give what I got until I got no more I take what I get until I even the score You know I love you and furthermore When it's time to go you got an open door I can tell you fancy, I can tell you plain You give something up for everything you gain Since every pleasure's got an edge of pain Pay for your ticket and don't complain [repeat CHORUS] One of these days and it won't be long Going down in the valley and sing my song I will sing it loud, sing it strong Let the echo decide if I was right or wrong [repeat CHORUS 3x]


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