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# Debut Chart
3 Jul '88 Mainstream Rock


I've heard it said before That you don't care no more You just pick up tracks And don't look back And walk right out that door I tell my friends it's easy She's never on my mind My life is so much better Since that day I said goodbye (CHORUS) And I tell myself I'm free But I'm only fooling me Cause no matter what I do I can't get over you Well, I tried to hide my pain With a taste of the fast lane But ain't no use to cut you loose I still feel the same I thought I could forget you But that was just a lie I'm just not the same without you I don't even want to try (CHORUS) I can't get over you

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I don't know how it started I don't know where I stand I just want to be back In your arms once again (CHORUS) I can't get over you I can't get over you


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