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# Debut Chart
1 Sep '88 R&B
44 Oct '88 Hot 100
12 Oct '88 Adult Contemp


I speak to myself sometimes, and I say, 'Oh my In a lot of ways, you're a lucky guy Now all you need is a chance to try Any love' In my heart there's a need to shout Dyin', screamin', cryin' let me out Are all those feelings that want to touch Any love? What a world for the lonely guy Sometimes I feel I'm gonna lose my mind Can anybody tell me just where to find Any love, any love? [CHORUS] Everyone needs a love no doubt Any love, Any love Everybody feels alone without Any love, any love I know there's a love waiting To enter my life, enter my life Every day as I live I try to think positive I pray for someone good to come Any love Love is sweet and so divine And I can't wait for my love life to shine Can anybody tell me where I can find Any love, any love? [repeat CHORUS] I know there's someone waiting for me To enter my life, Come into my life

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Suddenly I'm up in clear blue skies Lonely tears start to fill my eyes I can weep, but I refuse to cry I've got to keep holding on To think love is strong To keep holding on [repeat CHORUS] And I know I know I know I know she'll come into my life Come into my life [repeat CHORUS]


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