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61 Sep '88 Hot 100


[Chorus:] This jam is way out, way out You fake MC's are on your way out, way out Too bad you're on your way out This is a way out jam, jam For some way out girls, girls The ones that are constantly, rocking your world With the hyper cuts, cuts And the slammin' beats, beats That make you other girls sound oh so weak But that's ok, we know how it is JJ Fad reigns supreme in the rapping biz [Repeat Chorus] I've got something to say. What? I'm kinda mad. Oh yeah? This is coming from the one and only JJ Fad You may try to bag (bag) You may try to diss (diss) That just lets us know who's running this Yeah we're getting stupid (stupid) and there's no doubt That this here jam is just so way out [Repeat Chorus] Sassy We're busting the charts (charts) Every week and we'll stay on top and you know that we are freaks We're here to please (please) So get on your knees (knees) And pray to be like us before you take your Z's We have a classy style (style) That's worth your while So sit back and relax and let us get you riled

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[Repeat Chorus] No that you know What we're talking about Say what? Than you too can be way out The W is for wild The A is amazing The Y is for you suckas that are perpatrating The O is for outstanding And the U is for unqiue The T is for too bad your jam is so, so weak [Repeat Chorus]


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