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# Debut Chart
5 Feb '88 Mainstream Rock
64 Apr '88 Hot 100


She looks like Monroe It`s a good impersonation From start to finish It`s her better side

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Head over heels Yeah, he feels A strange sensation Excedrin Headache #65 That`s the trouble with love That`s the trouble with war You never get what you came for (CHORUS) Stand up, stand up The more you do it The less you fall down Stand up, stand up Put your head in the clouds Your feet on the ground Stand up, stand up For the time of your life You turn it up loud Stand up, stand up What kind of fashion Is this flash infatuation Is all this admiration mutual Need no lessons In emotional starvation That look in her eyes Is too good to be true So now you got a good reason Yeah, but you just gotta learn It`s what makes this world turn (CHORUS) 2X


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