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Lyrics by: Lamont Dozier
# Debut Chart
14 Dec '87 R&B
89 Feb '88 Hot 100


(Ooh) yeah, yeah, whoa Living against the grain Two hearts sharing one pain But thanks to love, we got by I couldn't let my feelings show Couldn't let you ever know That the end that seemed so real Was just a lie All the things I did for love Have turned out so wrong No matter what I try It all just magnifys the light (CHORUS) I just can't live without you There's just no me without you I'd be so lost without you I need my arms around you So glad we found out in time True love is hard to find This time we're gonna get it right We're holding on tight

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I won't be misled again This time the good guys are gonna win Our love comes so naturally We were meant to be Pretending not to care Was the hardest thing to fake And being without your love Is more than I can take (CHORUS) Nobody thought we could make it They didn't think our love Would have the strength to take it The lessons been hard to learn But we passed every test After all that we've been through Our love is still standing, baby Our love is still standing (CHORUS) I just can't live, no....


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