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# Debut Chart
30 Sep '88 Hot 100
9 Sep '88 R&B


Get up outta Your rocking chair, grandma Or rather would you Care to dance, grandmother Do do do....... Hey, you, give up the ghost That's haunting you now, hoo Shout it out Don't let it stay inside And eat you alive Now dig this

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Make up your mind Don't you want to stay This side of the line, heee I can assure you, ha When you're my age You'll learn from all You've left behind, heee (CHORUS) You've got to Dance little sister Don't give up today, ha Hang on til tomorrow I don't wanna hear you're late You got to dance little sister Don't give up today Hang on til tomorrow Don't give up your stay Do do do....... Say say say now, share the weight And lay your cross down, ha And let the long reaching arm Of hope bring you around, say well It ain't easy, ha, but giving up Is the easy thing to do, hooo Time is on your side Would you just watch the clock And let it tick for you, haa hooo (CHORUS) Hoooww Hoowww hooo (CHORUS) to fade


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