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# Debut Chart
5 Oct '87 Country


CHORUS Lyin' in his arms again Sayin' things that I don't mean Makin' love while I pretend You're the one who's holdin' me How it hurts to think I'd lie To the one who thinks the world of me So tonight I'll let him hold me & tell him I love him Lyin' in his arms again My heart is aching, filled with pain 'Cause tonight I meant to tell him But I put it off again Oh I don't mean to hurt his pride 'Cause he has always been to me A lover & a friend to me Oh I just couldn't bear to see him cry, but I'm...

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(chorus) It won't be long now till I tell the truth I'm gonna get my courage up & tell him about you This ring I'm wearin', it fits so tight Oh you know it's chokin' me I wish that it would set me free Or I'll have to play pretend again tonight, but I'm... (chorus)


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