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Lyrics by: David Bellamy
# Debut Chart
1 Jan '87 Country


Our daddys won the war Then they came home to our moms They gave them so much love That all us kids were born We all grew up on Mickey Mouse and Hula Hoops Then we all bought BMW's And brand new pickup trucks

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And we watched John Kennedy Die one afternoon Kids of the baby boom It was a time of New prosperity in the USA All the fortunate offsprings Never had to pay We had sympathy for the devil And the Rolling Stones Then we got a little older We found Haggard and Jones A generation screaming for more room Kids of the baby boom [CHORUS] Kids of the baby boom We had freedom, we had money Baby boom Here in the land of milk and honey Counting our chickens way too soon Kids of the baby boom Now we all can run computers And we all can dance We all have Calvin Klein Written on our underpants And at six o'clock, like robots We turn on the news Watch those third world countries Deal out more abuse Remember the first man on the moon Kids of the baby boom [repeat CHORUS] As our lives become a capsule They send to the stars And our children look at us Like we came from Mars As the farms disappear And the sky turns black We're a nation full of takers Never giving back We never stop to think What we consume Kids of the baby boom [repeat CHORUS] Our optimism mingles with the doom Kids of the baby boom


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