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# Debut Chart
10 Sep '87 Mainstream Rock


One man Does his work He`s not satisfied Not at all Feels like That he is being used His self respect starts to fall His frustration Runnin` very very high He takes it out On the one he loves Because it`s safe And who they gonna tell And he hates the cold-bloodedness That runs inside Oh yes It`s hard times For an honest man Very very very hard times Hard times for an honest man Very very very hard times

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Sister She`s got a lot of pride You can see it when she walks into the room But she`s young And she`s unaware Of what a brutal world can do to you So she loves a man He lies like a dog Tears her little world all apart So the walls go up For the rest of her days And there ain`t no man can touch this girl`s heart Chorus So we walk From the front porch to the back yard Just to laugh and say hello and say good-bye But some days are hard, like a soldier`s steel-toed boots And the rent we pay to stay here gets high Chorus


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