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1987 - R&B
Lyrics by: Skylark
# Debut Chart
1 Oct '87 R&B
60 Oct '87 Hot 100


The Human Race is runnin` over me I punch a clock at 9 and 5 Just tryin` to make a livin` A plastic face on satellite TV Says, `Life is filled with give and take` He`s takin` and I`m givin So I dance

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(Hook) It`s my system of survival (SOS) I`m dancin` System of survival (SOS) It`s a system of survival Future revival Greet the new arrival (Bridge) At times it`s the only way I`m gonna make it through this day (Chorus) Everybody get up Do your dance Keep survivin` Everybody get up Do your dance Stay alive A city night I walk a street in fear While politicians brag about A paperwork solution Another life I shed another tear I`m waiting for somebody new To lead the revolution So I dance (Hook) It`s my system of survival... (Repeat Hook and Chorus) (SOS) Send it out Send it out, send it out, send it out...


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