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# Debut Chart
19 Sep '87 R&B
68 Oct '87 Hot 100


(Spoken) Sweetheart, listen I know the last few pages Haven't been good For the both of us and I've caused you a lot of grief But put those bags down, okay Before you make A decision like that Please, just listen to me Cause I don't want you to leave I definately don't Want you to leave Just hear me out Hoo, honey, don't leave me now With my head on my shoulders wrong Have I done something wrong For you to leave I know I've been careless, girl And I must apologize I'll try better next time, baby If you let me stay (CHORUS) If you let me stay I'll say what I should've said If you let me stay I should have said That I love you It you let me stay And I should have Said it from my heart If you let me stay How can I compensate For my indiscretions, dear Tell me it's not too late That I'd love to hear If you walk out on me You will see a grown man cry I didn't miss my water Til my well ran dry

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But (CHORUS) Your pretensions aim For gullible fools And now who needs you anyway I'll get mine elsewhere I taught the school You will regret it someday (CHORUS) Cause I need you I'm not a man Without you, baby Oh, yeah, hey (CHORUS)...etc til end


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