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Lyrics by: Kim Wilson
# Debut Chart
8 Jun '87 Mainstream Rock
76 Jul '87 Hot 100


When you want something bad enough you got to stick to it. Ain`t nobody telling me that I can`t do it. Don`t let no one tell you what you should be. Nobody in this World can say no to me.

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Chorus: Stand back, I`m coming through. Stand back, I know just what to do. Stand back, Let me make my way. Stand back, listen to what I say. Steppin` up in life you got to help yourself. That don`t mean you have to step on no one else. Go for it man you got nothing to lose. But don`t let nobody step on you. Chorus I ain`t gonna run and hide if you think I am. You better step aside. I ain`t gonna turn the other cheek. If you want the world you can`t be meek. You can`t get by if you don`t take a chance. You got to pay the fiddler if you want to dance. I learned my lesson a long time ago. You got to keep pushin` if you want it to go. Chorus One of these days you got to speak your mind. Even if they say that you`re out of line. One of these days you`re gonna know the score. I`m not telling you something you don`t know. Chorus (I made my mind up to do it. There ain`t nothing to it)


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