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70 May '87 Hot 100


Yeehh Yeehh (yehh)... Mmm Yeehh (yehh)... Mmm Miss November Tuesday, bend your rubber rules Take your time but don`t take off your high heel shoes She`s in demand at dinner time, (she`s in demand) She`s on the factory wall (pin-up on a factory wall) And when the gentlemen retire (when they retire) Guess who`s in control? (control) She blew your money on taking a cruise If that isn`t funny well, watch out teacher...

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ohh ohh, when the chamber`s empty.. she said, `ohh, ohh, meet el Presidente` Dress in flimsy clothing, Use your lipstick line To cover fear and loathing With a pink disguise You never refuse when she lies back - Put a stripe on the union, and a star on the jack She`s on the case at dinner time (at dinner time) She`s on the evening news (seen her on the evening news) And if you dare, step out of line (step out of line) You`re going to be abused. You may not like it, you may not be scared, But hell has no fury like a young girl`s ego (chorus) - (oooh, ooohh , dooo dooo) (oooh, ooohh , dooo dooo) (oooh, ooohh , dooo dooo) You might adopt an attitude, (attitude) Look on the moral side (lookin` on the moral side) But if police are after you, (after you) Where`s the best place to hide? (hide) For this production, they gave her a gun... Ain`t no director, so watch out actors! (chorus) (chorus) ohh, ohh, meet el Presidente ohh, ohh, meet el Presidente ohh, ohh!


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