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Lyrics by: Chrissie Hynde
# Debut Chart
1 Nov '86 Mainstream Rock
64 Feb '87 Hot 100


I want you to love me That`s all I want from you I want you to love me one day

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I know I`m a peasant Dressed as a princess But that doesn`t mean you Have to take my clothes away If I could show You some happiness Then I would feel Like a real princess That to me would Be success, my baby I seen you dancing A natural beauty You make this dive Seem sublime You really get to The heart of the music You`re the poetry of time If there`s a method To writing a song How come I`m Getting it wrong You write the Beautiful songs, baby C`mon, c`mon, c`mon Baby, take my hand, yeah C`mon, c`mon, c`mon Show me to the love land Can this really happen In this day and age Suddenly, to just turn the page Like walking on stage My baby


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