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1987 - Pop
Lyrics by: Richard Marx
# Debut Chart
3 Sep '87 Hot 100


Another sleepless night I can`t explain Somebody said they Heard me call your name

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The radio won`t let You leave my mind I know it`s over But I don`t know why (CHORUS) Should`ve known better Than to fall in love with you Now love is just a faded memory Should`ve known better Now I`m a prisoner to this pain And my heart still aches for you There was no risk That I wouldn`t take And not a promise That I didn`t make All I asked was That you just hold on And now I`m wondering What I did wrong (CHORUS) I gave you all Of my body and soul Never believing We might lose control I took my hands off the wheel I can`t remember If the lies were true It`s been a million years Since I touched you I thought time might Help me win this game Being away from you Is slowly driving me insane (CHORUS) 2X


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