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# Debut Chart
2 Jan '87 Hot 100
2 Jan '87 Adult Contemp


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Theres something I want to tell you Theres something I think that you should know Its not that I shouldnt really love you Lets take it slow When we get to know each other and were both feeling much stronger Then lets try to talk it over Lets wait awhile longer Remember that special night? When all of the stars were shining bright We made our first endeavor to stay together We made our very first promise To love, to share and be real honest But on that very first night It wasnt quite right Lets wait awhile before its too late Lets wait awhile, our love will be great Lets wait awhile before we go too far I didnt really know not to let all my feelings show to save some for later so our love will be greater You said you would always love me Remember I said the same thing too You dont have to be frightened with my love Because Ill never give up on you Lets wait awhile, before its too late You know, you cant rush love Lets just take our time Loves so good - sure Ill love will be there Slow it down I promise, Ill be worth the wait.


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