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1 Apr '87 Country


A couple of days, isn't a very long time. Why can't I just walk away, I used to be good at goodbye. But out on the water, Under the stars, I let the moonlight play a trick on my heart.

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[Chorus] You had some fun for the weekend. But I'll be in love for the rest of my life. You took me out to the deep end, And I fell right over, I didn't think twice. I finally got something worth keepin'. And if I can't have you tonight, At least I had the weekend. The radio plays, the sound of the waves rollin' in. The smell of the night, Sure can get under your skin. Just for a moment, I held you too close. Now I'm all out of time, and I don't wanna let go. [Chorus] How much can happen in a night or two? I guess it's all depending on your point of view. [Chorus x2]


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