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# Debut Chart
83 Nov '86 Hot 100


Through these misty eyes I see lonely skies Lonely road to Babylon Where`s my family And my country Heaven knows where I belong Pack my bags tonight Here`s one Jacobite Who must leave or surely die

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Put me on a train In the pouring rain Say farewell but don`t say goodbye Chorus: Seagull carry me, over land and sea To my own folk, that`s where I want to be Every beat of my heart Tears me further apart I`m lost and alone in the dark I`m going home One more glass of wine Just for auld lang syne And the girl I left behind How I miss her now In my darkest hour And the way our arms entwine Chorus And we`ll drink a toast To the blood red rose Cheer a while the Emerald Isle And to the northern lights And the swirling pipes How they make a grown man cry Chorus


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