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# Debut Chart
2 Oct '86 R&B
65 Nov '86 Hot 100


She knows I want her She knows I need her She knows she's got my love

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But I'm apprehensive She's so expensive Girl just can't get enough I'm the one who does nine to five Hustling for my bread While she's deciding what dress to buy Lying around in my bed [CHORUS] Going to the bank She got me going to the bank She keeps me running to the bank She got me, got me Drives my Mercedes Lunch with the ladies She loves the finer things What have I created Now I'm afraid to see What tomorrow brings She don't know what it does to me Trying to keep her in line If love is just a big charge account Why'd it have to be mine [repeat CHORUS] Hello (oh, hi) (Can I help you today) yeah I'd like to make another withdrawal (Again) yeah, again (Well, as you know by now There is a substantial penalty For early withdrawal) She knows I love her Knows how I need her She knows I really care I can't afford her I should've taught her I ain't no billionaire Gotta get her to understand Soon the will be dry If she don't love the simple things Maybe I'm the wrong guy [repeat CHORUS] She thinks she saves me money Buying everything on sale But she believes in quantity Now I'm afraid to open my mail Going to the bank She got me going to the bank Now the girl's got to look good for me But this is going too far Cause she won't feel so beautiful When they repossess my car Going to the b-a-n-k She got me going to the bank. [repeat CHORUS] Going to the b-a-n-k B-a-n-k, b-a-n-k, b-a-n-k


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