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# Debut Chart
1 Oct '85 Country
42 Jan '86 Hot 100
10 Feb '86 Adult Contemp


Put on your bobby socks baby Roll up your old blue jeans There's a band playing down at the amory That knows what rock & roll really means I wanna ride in your 55 T-bird Drive thru some old memories I ain't after your body baby I just want you to dance with me

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Chorus: I wanna bop with you baby, all night long I wanna bop the night away I wanna made it tonight like it used to be When our hearts were young and our souls were free I wanna bop, with you baby, all night long I wanna be-bop, with you baby, 'till the break of dawn I wanna bop, with you baby, all night long I got an old photograph in my pocket When we were still in our teens Lord knows I feel a lot older now But you still look the same to me Honey, you don't ever laugh like you used to And I don't wanna see you blue If you ain't busy tonight, and you think its alright Chorus Lets twist and shout Oh! just like in the good old days And baby watch out You know I just can't stand it When you look at me that way Chorus


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