Music Service


by Clarence Clemons & Jackson Browne
# Debut Chart
18 Oct '85 Hot 100
16 Nov '85 Mainstream Rock
21 Dec '85 Adult Contemp


Striking out, well, count me in I'm gonna stand right by your side Through thick or thin Ain't no doubt, gonna win A walk through hell ain't bad Compared to where we've been

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[CHORUS] Oh, you can depend on me Over and over, over and over Know that I intend to be The one who who always Makes you laugh until you cry And you can call on me Until the day you die Years may come and go Here's one thing I know All my life, you're a friend of mine That argument, I can't forget We fought so hard I don't think I've recovered yet The girls we knew Who thought you were cool I never introduced My favorite ones to you [repeat CHORUS 2x] You can depend on me I'll be fine Cause you're a friend of mine Yeah yeah, I'll be fine Cause you're a friend of mine Yeah, let me call for you one time


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