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# Debut Chart
16 Jul '86 Hot 100
10 Jul '86 Mainstream Rock


(Spoken) What, well, let me roll up onto The sidewalk and take a look Yes, whoa, she`s beautiful I`m talking bout a Yankee Rose And she looks wild, wild, wild

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Are you ready For the new sensation Well, here`s a shot Heard round the world All you backroom boys Salute when her flag unfolds Well, guess who`s Back in circulation Now I don`t know what You might have heard But what I need right now Is the original good time girl She`s a vision From coast to coast (Coast to coast) Sea to shining sea (Sea to shining sea) Hey, sister, you`re the Perfect host (make a toast) (CHORUS) Show me your bright lights And your city lights, all right I`m talking bout the Yankee Rose Bright lights and your City lights, alright I`m talking about it When she walks Watch the sparks go flying Firecracking on the 4th of July No sad songs tonight Something`s in the air Yeah, the feeling gets you A real state of independence So pretty when her rockets fly Still proving any night That her flag`s still there (CHORUS) I`m in love with The Yankee Rose (Spoken) Oh, she`s beautiful, alright Mmm, nothing like her In the whole world, yeah She`s right on time I`m on the case Pick up the phone No time to waste She got the beat And there`s a little bit Coming your way (Spoken) Oh, raise em up there Let`s see who salutes, baby Little bit, little bit Little bit higher Here`s the mast Swing em from here I wanna get a little bit Of apple pie, man Bright lights, city lights Bright lights, city lights


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