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Lyrics by: John Mellencamp
# Debut Chart
28 Jun '86 Hot 100
4 Jul '86 Mainstream Rock


All the leaves are green All my friends are gone I`m living in my hometown I can barely get along I feel sorry for myself That`s an easy thing to do I feel sorry for the world I feel sorry for you Yes, I am a pitiful sight I can`t even get One thing right

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(CHORUS) I know just what it`s like To be riding, riding In the rumbleseat Yes, I know just what it`s like To be a big time rider In the rumbleseat Well, I could have A nervous breakdown But I don`t believe in shrinks I should be drunker than a monkey But I don`t like to drink Call up some girls But I`m afraid of the phone I`m always talking to myself I guess I`m never alone Am I the only one That feels this way I`d buy myself Some stylish clothes But I sure hate to pay (CHORUS) hey The sun is coming up Just going to bed I combed my hair with my pillow Still got some dreams left Tomorrow is a new day Gonna make these Dreams come true I`m gonna believe in myself I`ll tell you what I`m gonna do I`m gonna stop Putting myself down I`m gonna turn My life around I`ll be riding high With my feet kicked up In the rumbleseat Yeah, we`ll go for a drive And we`ll be singing shotgun From that rumbleseat Yes, I`ll blow you a kiss And we`ll be riding big time In my rumbleseat, hey


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