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1985 - R&B
# Debut Chart
4 Dec '85 Hot 100
10 Dec '85 R&B


Knock out this Super highways, coast to coast Easy to get anywhere On the transcontinental overload Just slide behind the wheel How does it feel

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When there's no destination That's too far And somewhere on the way You might find out who you are (CHORUS) Living in America Eye to eye, station to station Living in America Hand to hand, across the nation Living in America Got to have a celebration Rock my soul Smokestack, fatback Many miles of railroad track All night radio, keep on running Through your rock and roll soul All night diners keep you awake On black coffee and a hard roll You might have to walk the fine line You might take the hard line But everybody's working overtime (CHORUS) I live in America Help me out I live in America Wait a minute You might not be looking For the promised land But you might find it anyway Under one of those Old familiar names Like New Orleans (New Orleans) Detroit City (Detroit city) Dallas (Dallas)] Pittsburgh, PA (Pittsburgh) New York City (New York City) Kansas City (Kansas City) Atlanta (Atlanta) Chicago and L.A. Living in America, hit me Living in America, yeah I walk in and out Living in America] I live in America Right there, dig my mess I live in America Living in America Eddie Murphy Eat your heart out Living in America Living in America Hit me Living in America Living in America I live in America Say it loud, make me proud I live in America Hey, I know what it means Living in America I said eye to eye Station to station Living in America I'm gonna scream, hit me Living in America Yes, sir, ain't it funky Living in America So nice, with your bad self Living in America, I feel good


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