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# Debut Chart
4 Apr '85 R&B


She was a perfect woman The perfect lover The fulfillment of my dreams She made me love her Like I loved no other Let me tell you what I mean

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You see when I met her I couldn't forget her She stood out from the rest She drove me crazy This foxy lady She put me through the test I wanted to please her And just not tease her But I didn't know what to do Who she was and where she came from That nobody knew Then one night I was holding her tight And burning with desire Then I went behind to touch her back And discovered there were wires [CHORUS] Electric lady, you are the one The one I run to when I come undone Electric lady, why'd you take my soul Electric lady, don't you be so cold She knew all the ways to drive me wild A connoisseur of passion I should've known there Was something strange About the power of her attraction Here I felt I loved her true Every time that we kissed But now I think our love might be The work of some scientist I always thought she had a mighty grip When she would squeeze me in the night I never knew any other girl Who could hold onto me so tight When we'd get down, her eyes lit up I thought it was a love reaction It was always weird to hear three beeps At the height of my satisfaction [repeat CHORUS 2x] I never thought that this would happen Except in a future world But here I am, in love with my baby And she might be a computer girl The whole thing was through I was getting kind of weak My need for her was strong I kept thinking 'bout Those wires hanging out But I was hoping I was wrong So I called her up and I took her out And I asked her to explain And when she showed me her microchips I thought I was insane But then I saw a teardrop fall From the corner of her eye And then I knew her love was true Because sex machines don't cry [repeat CHORUS 4x to fade]


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