Music Service


Lyrics by: Jim Carter, David Erwin
# Debut Chart
10 Nov '85 Country


It's late afternoon and I just got home Been missing you all day Music is low on the stereo But I know every word they say I love to listen to old love songs I always find myself singing along But they don't move me the way you do [CHORUS] You are my music, you are my song Your love is a melody that plays on and on Whenever you're near, the sound that I hear Is the sweetest thing I've known You are my music, you are my song

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I'm driving home In the five o'clock rush The way I always do The radio's on and every love song Makes me think of you You can be just like rock and roll Or you can play it soft and slow You keep my whole life In perfect harmony [repeat CHORUS] Tonight, I'll touch you And hold you in my arms I feel the rhythm of The beating of our hearts [repeat CHORUS] You are my music, you are my song


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