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9 Jan '85 Country


The diesel's racin' I passed a waystation Way back down the road I'm payin' no heed to the limit on speed I just can't take it slow I've made 400 miles since 4am With 300 more to go And a little bit of luck And the grace of my truck Tonight I'm gonna make it home

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[CHORUS] 'Cause I'm rollin' lonely I need you to hold me In your arms tonight I said some things I didn't mean I just gotta make it right 18 Wheels are signin' out your name I'm movin' like lightnin' through the pourin' rain Rollin' lonely all the way to Memphis tonight The signs are flashin' the cars are passin' Headlights were blindin' me But the tears in your eyes when I said goodbye That's all that I could see Seems like Texas goes on forever I'm racin' uphill against time I'm doin' 78 on this damned interstate And you're drivin' me out of my mind [repeat CHORUS 2x]


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