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10 Jan '85 Country


CHORUS Well the door's unlocked and the lights turned down and the covers turned down on the bed And you don't have to say that you're sorry anymore cause honey I believe what you said If there's anybody perfect well I ain't seem 'em yet and we all gotta learn to forgive and forget That's what you do when you're in love in love That's what you do when you're in love Well he called me up to tell me that he wasn't coming home Guilt was too heavy and his pride too strong He'd had a lot to drink and he did me wrong Cause he didn't sleep alone last night He said the other woman couldn't hold a light to me But she made him feel young, kinda wild and free He called home with his guilty plea Cause he knew he hadn't done me right He expected me to cry and hang up the phone But all my heart could say Repeat Chorus He said you're some kinda woman to feel this way Cause honey I expected there'd be hell to pay When a man gets lonely sometimes he'll play And last night I was a lonley man I said I know that you think I'm being kind and sweet But loneliness can be a two-way street Many times I've had to fight the urge to cheat I'm just sayin' that I understand

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As he stood there thinkin' bout the words I said I think he began to see Repeat Chorus 3x


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