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Lyrics by: David Bellamy
# Debut Chart
2 May '85 Country


He turned thirty-five last Sunday In his hair, he found some gray But he still ain't changed his lifestyle He likes it better the old way So he grows a little garden In the backyard by the fence He's consuming what he's growing Nowadays in self defense He gets out there in The twilight zone sometimes When it just don't make no sense He gets off on country music 'Cause disco left him cold He's got young friends into new wave But he's just too frigging old And he dreams at night of Woodstock And the day John Lennon died How the music made him happy And the silence made him cry Yeah, he thinks of John sometimes And he has to wonder why [CHORUS] 'Cause he's an old hippie And he don't know what to do Should he hang on to the old Should he grab on to the new He's an old hippie This new life is just a bust He ain't trying to change nobody He's just trying real hard to adjust

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He was sure back in the sixties That everyone was hip Then they sent him off to Vietnam On his senior trip And they forced him to become a man While he was still a boy And behind each wave of tragedy He waited for the joy Now this world may change around him But he just can't change no more [repeat CHORUS] Well, he stays away a lot now From the parties and the clubs And he's thinking While he's jogging 'round Sure is glad he quit the hard drugs 'Cause him and his kind Get more endangered everyday And pretty soon the species Will just up and fade away Like the smoke from that torpedo Just up and fade away [repeat CHORUS] Yeah, he ain't trying to change nobody He's just trying real hard to adjust


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