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4 Aug '85 R&B


Ladies and Gentleman The most exciting stage show You`ve ever witnessed Appearing live, Doug E Fresh And the Get Fresh Crew Excuse me, Doug E Fresh (Yes) Have you ever seen a show With fellas on the mic With one minute rhymes that Don`t come out right, they bite They never right, that`s not polite Am I lying, no, you`re quite right Well, tonight on this very mic You`re about to hear, we swear The best darn rappers of the year So, so, cheerio, yell, scream bravo Also, if you didn`t know This is called The Show A-yo, Doug (what) Put ya Bally`s on Yo, Rick, I was about to But I need a shoehorn (why) Because these shoes Always hurt my corns Six minutes, six minutes Six minutes, Doug E Fresh You`re on Uh uh, on, uh uh, on.... Here we go, here we go Come on, come on Here we go, here we go Come on, come on Yo! Where`s Will and Barr Well, I don`t know, they`re late Told em them the time Oh, I forgot the date Man, you did it again, oh, no No, here we go, come on Here we go, come on Here we go, did we miss the show No, no, n-n-n-no, we didn`t (word) No, no, n-n-n-no, we didn`t (word) No, we didn`t Well, don`t get us wrong Scuse me, Doug E Scuse me, Doug E Scuse me, Doug E Fresh You`re on, uh uh, on

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Well, it started up on 8th Avenue When I made up the name called The Get Fresh Crew It was me, my two DJ`s Chill Will and Barry Band My right hand man Ricky D I used to rap and sing Makes sounds and things And for example Here`s a telephone ring Hello. is Doug E Fresh in No, he`s not in right now But anyway, no more delay Just check out the new style I display Now ya gotta be (fresh) To rock with (fresh) And I`m D-o-u-g-i-e (fresh) And I`m known for the (beatbox rap) Not for the (beatbox rap) The human beatbox or the entertainer No other title could fit me plainer In a passing generation I am a remainer and I`m also Known as the beatbox trainer Cashing checks, make sound effects And after I finish rocking Slick Rick is on next You know it, Slick Rick Well, here`s a little something That needs to be heard Doug, I was going downtown (Word Rick) word (sure) All alone, no one to be with Stepped on the D-train at 205th I saw a pretty girl (so) So I sat beside her Then she went Rowr Like she was Tony the Tiger I said, oh, no, there`s been a mistake Honey, my name`s Slick Rick Not Frostie Flakes Oh, golly wally, she was raising hell She said, oh my name is Maggie But call me Michelle Bust a move, we show and prove A-yo Doug, do that record Jam on the Groove As you can see, most definitely We are (fresh) Chill Will (fresh) Barry B is (fresh) Ricky D is (fresh) And I am, the Original Human Beatbox The Entertainer, Doug E (Fresh)


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