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Lyrics by: Prince
# Debut Chart
46 Oct '85 Hot 100
35 Nov '85 R&B


Yeah (Shotgun) Peace! Eh, yeah, eh Aristocrats on a mountain climb Makin` money, losin` time Communism is just a word But if the government turn over It`ll be the only word that`s heard CHORUS: America, America God shed His grace on thee America, America Keep the children free Little sister make minimum wage Livin` in a one-room jungle monkey cage Can`t get over, she`s almost dead She may not be in the black But she happy she ain`t in the red CHORUS Freedom Love Joy Peace

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Jimmy Nothing never went 2 school They made him pledge allegiance He said it wasn`t cool Nothin` made Jimmy proud Now Jimmy live on a mushroom cloud CHORUS {x2} Freedom Love Joy Peace Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! (Oh Lord, oh Lord) And the bomb go Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! And the bomb go Boom! Teacher, why won`t Jimmy pledge allegiance?


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