Music Service


by Robin George
Lyrics by:
# Debut Chart
40 Feb '85 Mainstream Rock
92 Apr '85 Hot 100


Your crazy attitude is spoling everyone's fun All you wanna do is take the money and the run All I ever get from you is desert and sun It's much too late to change your mind the damage is done I've tried to say your point of view but baby come on The situation's vacant now the season has gone All I want to know is why you've taken so long It's much too late to change the tune, I don't like this song

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[Chorus] Heartline You get your number changed Bad sign I want be calling again Hard time Your mind is always engaged Good bye Heart's on the line Heart line I'm through with making music on a telephone line I'll pay the bill, you keep the change, show me where to sign All you ever gave me was a hell of a time It's much too late to change it, your words still won't apply [Repeat Chorus] [Repeat Chorus] [Repeat Chorus]


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