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# Debut Chart
13 Jul '84 Mainstream Rock
12 Apr '85 Hot 100


There`s trouble on the street tonight I can feel it in my bones I had a premonition that He should not go alone

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I knew the gun was loaded But I didn`t think he`d kill Everything exploded And the blood began to spill So, baby, here`s your ticket Put the suitcase in your hand Here`s a little money now Do it just the way we planned You be cool for twenty hours And I`ll pay you twenty grand I`m sorry it went down like this Someone had to lose It`s the nature of the business It`s the smuggler`s blues Smuggler`s blues The sailors and the pilots The soldiers and the law The payoffs and the ripoffs And the things nobody saw No matter if it`s heroin Cocaine or hash You`ve got to carry weapons Cause you always carry cash Thre`s lots of shady characters Lots of dirty deals Every name`s an alias In case somebody squeals It`s the lure of easy money It`s gotta very strong appeal Perhaps you`d understand it better Standing in my shoes It`s the ultimate enticement It`s the smuggler`s blues Smuggler`s blues See it in the headlines You hear it every day They say they`re gonna stop it But it doesn`t go away They move it through Miami Sell it in L.A. They hide it up in Telluride I mean it`s here to stay It`s propping up the governments Of Columbia and Peru You ask any DEA man He`ll say there`s nothing we can do From the office of the President Right down to me and you Me and you It`s a losing proposition But one you can`t refuse It`s the politics of contraband It`s the smuggler`s blues Smuggler`s blues


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