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Lyrics by: Prince
# Debut Chart
2 May '85 Hot 100
40 May '85 Mainstream Rock
3 May '85 R&B


One two, one, two, three Yeah I was working part time In a five and dime My boss was Mr. McGee He told me several times That he didn`t like my kind Cause I was a bit too leisurely Seems that I was busy Doing something close to nothing But different than the day before

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That`s when I saw her Ooh, I saw her She walked in through The out door, out door (CHORUS) She wore a raspberry beret The kind you find in A second hand store Raspberry beret and if it was warm She wouldn`t wear much more Raspberry beret, I think I love her Built like she was She had the nerve to ask me If I planned to do her any harm So, look here, I put her On the back of my bike And a we went riding down By old man Johnson`s farm I said now, overcast days Never turned me on But something about The clouds and her mixed She wasn`t too bright But I could tell when she kissed me She knew how to get her kicks (CHORUS) The rain sounds so cool When it hits the barn roof and The horses wonder who you are Thunder drowns out What the lightning sees You feel like a movie star Listen, they say the First time ain`t the greatest But I tell you, if I had the Chance to do it all again I wouldn`t change a stroke Cause, baby, I`m the most With a girl as fine as she was then (Raspberry beret) The kind you find (the kind you find) The kind you find (In a second hand store) Oh, no, no (Raspberry beret) (And if it was warm) Where have all the Raspberry women gone (She wouldn`t wear much more) Yeah (raspberry beret) I think I, I think I I think I love her (Raspberry beret) no, no, no No, no, no (the kind you find) (In a second hand store) (Raspberry beret).......


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