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1985 - R&B
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# Debut Chart
21 Dec '85 Hot 100


Digital Display No smoking No smoking sir Digital Does anyone have any time to play? No smoking Does anyone have any? 1, 1, 1 No smoking 2, 2, 2 3, 3, 3 No smoking sir 4, 4, 4 I could go on counting for hours, the things that I like Please don't move baby stay right here, stay right inside I don't mind if you turn your back on me, 'cause I know you're still good Even if I wanna turn on a light, in this position I don't think I could 36 - I always dreamed of your measurements in neon lights 24 - At Christmas baby maybe you can light up my room and brighten up my Nights - 36

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[CHORUS] I never had a girl before with much of a figure So excuse me if I start to play with your Digital Display Digital Display - I wish your music start to flow Digital Display - To make your digits want to show Digital Display - I could turn you off by day From your digital Display You always did know how to make one beg for they already should have had But since I know how to make you digits show I feel that I don't have to Ask Take my hand and I'll take you yours and well guide in the right way And when it's there you can tell your friends how you made my digit Display You're what I've been waiting for to raise my low score 'Cause I've been striking out all day and it makes me feel this way... Digital Display - Like I can't get no Digital Display - When the going gets tough Digital Display - I just want my part to play With your digital display


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