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Lyrics by: Bob McDill
# Debut Chart
4 Mar '84 Country


Well my baby you're a looker and i know what you're looking for You've been looking over, every man at the bar Honey, i know i've got a few years on you But if you're shopping around let me tell you a thing or two

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Well i look a little rough and i got a few miles on me My body needs work and my style ain't what it used to be And honey i'll admit there's places where i'm wearing thin But i ain't broke down, i just couldn't hold it in Chorus: Well i may be worn, but baby i ain't worn out Let me take you for a ride and i'll show you what i'm talking about I guarantee, there's a lot of me left to love Well i may be used but baby i ain't used up I've been wrecked a few times and honey it shows i guess There's been once or twice that you could say that i was repossesed There's one little thing that i think ought to be understood It aint how you look, it's what you got under your hood (chorus)


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