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Lyrics by: Joey Carbone
# Debut Chart
2 Feb '84 Country
15 Mar '84 Adult Contemp


You look at me and I can see the feeling's gone What happened to the dream We planned our future on

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You turn away and try to say What we both know But, baby, I can't let you go Let you go away [CHORUS] 'Cause I don't wanna lose your love I don't wanna be the one Who's broken hearted Don't take the only love I've ever known I don't wanna lose your love How could you go and stop What we have started Baby, I don't wanna be alone I try to hide the hurt inside So plain to see I never could keep secrets From you anyway So hard to face, I can't erase The thought of you Baby, won't you change your mind Change your mind and stay [repeat CHORUS 3x]


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