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by Exile
# Debut Chart
1 Aug '84 Country


CHORUS Won't you give me just one more chance Maybe we can make a little romance No reason why you and me Can't get it back together like it used to be Gimme gimme gimme gimme just another try If I can't have you I'm gonna die Gimme one more chance Gimme one more chance

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Do you remember how we used to be When we had a love so true You were my confidant you were my closest friend Someone that I could always turn to Then like a fool I let you slip right through my hands Oh I let you get away Now I've come running back hoping you will let me Back in your heart someday (chorus) I'm so alone here without your touch And it seems like a lifetime to me Ohh darling can't you see right now I know How wrong one man can be (chorus x2) Gimme one more chance Gimme one more chance


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