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8 Jun '84 Country


Moe, I saw it on the TV, and I thought it was a shame. It was a man dressed like a woman, and he had a boy's name. Well, I heard it on the radio, while I was in the tub. Now Joe, what in the world is this thing they call the Culture Club? Well it's some old boy from England, Moe, And he's making a million bucks. Joe, we'll never make a million... driving these old trucks. Too many nights of drinking, losing football bets, Lately we'd do anything to get us out of debt...

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[CHORUS] Where's the dress? Give me them high-heeled shoes! Where's the dress? We'll be money-making fools. We might close the bars down, and 'cause a few arrests, But if it makes some money, tell me where's the dress. Well, I'll hire me a nurse to tote my purse And I'll keep it full of beer. Yeah, and I'll have a girl to drive my truck And one to tease my hair. We can still go fishing, wear our old blue jeans; But when it comes to showtime, we'll be country queens... [repeat CHORUS] (Where's the dress?) Now Moe, let's get on down to the store And get some lipstick and some rouge. (Where's the dress?) Hey Joe, why don't we do this thing up right And get some of them ostrich plumes? (Where's the dress?) You know, I was wondering if they made A pink pump in size 12, Moe? (Where's the dress?) You don't think that old boy from England Shaves his legs, do you Joe? (Where's the dress?) Well I don't know but it would take a butcher To cut the hair off our legs, Moe (Where's the dress?) Well I can see it now, Boy Moe, Boy Joe and the Grand Old Opry (Where's the dress?) Uh-uh Moe, I don't think ol' Roy would like That at all, uh-uh, no, no way, Moe (Where's the dress?) I can't wait to see you Joe in one Of them Cross Your Heart brassieres, yeah (Where's the dress?) I'll tell you what, Moe, you're gonna Look good in them pink pantyhose


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