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# Debut Chart
54 Sep '84 Hot 100


Lonely girl, rainy night, looking for that number She needs someone to treat her right There`s plenty of men she could call, but she wants him most of all Oh God, I hope he`s home tonight She needs a love from a real exciter She needs the allnighter The allnighter

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He`s the one, the one she calls when she gets that feeling Some nights she just can`t help herself He`s tough and tender, a soul bender Ain`t no service he can`t render He touches her like nobody else Brings out the love, love, love deep inside her He`s the allnighter Now other stimulation lets you down, down, down There ain`t no medication laying round, round, round You feel your little heart begin to pound and pound He`s the satisfier of that one desire Other guy`s come and go they may try but they din`t know Every girl needs special care Ah he`s so bad, he`s so good he makes her feel just the way it should Nobody else can take her there He`s the real thing the pure delighter He`s the allnighter The allnighter It`s getting lighter There goes the allnighter


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