Music Service


by Krokus
Lyrics by:
# Debut Chart
10 Aug '84 Mainstream Rock
71 Sep '84 Hot 100


Did you read it in the paper ‘Bout the danger comin’ your way She’ll tear you up at midnite Killer on the loose get out of her way Sex machine terrorizin’ dream Lock the door tonite She’s got it all she can walk thru a wall Better run for your life

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And in the light of day In hidin’ she will stay Watch out at midnite Feel her shadow on your face Midnite maniac: she’s a killer at large Midnite maniac: lock your door a) Cause she can’t be far b) She knows where you are Did you hear it on the radio Crimes of passion makin’ the news It happened after midnite In your neighborhood could’ve been you...


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