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Lyrics by: Mark Avsec
# Debut Chart
44 May '84 Mainstream Rock
48 May '84 Hot 100


What more can I do There's nothing that I haven't tried Still it's so hard for her to notice

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That I've tried hard to be straight There's nothing left I can say If only she would look my way Hey, hey, but [CHORUS] (She don't know me) she don't know (She don't see me) she don't care (She can't hear me) she can't hear (Cannot help me) she don't want (She don't want me) like I want her (Like I want her) I've got to tell her (Got to tell her) that I love her (That I love her) she doesn't Even know my name I dream of when she'll be mine I dream of crossing that line And holding her so tender Dreaming it could come true So many things I would do If only you'd give me a chance [repeat CHORUS 3x to fade]


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