Music Service


by Toto
# Debut Chart
30 Oct '84 Hot 100
7 Nov '84 Mainstream Rock


I remember it was late one night In the middle of a dream Woke up in a pool of sweat Thought I heard a scream Ran over to the window sill Stuck my head out for a peek Dressed in black was a man I didn't recognize Running down my back street My heart skipped a beat

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Chorus : You better watch out, there's a stranger in town You better watch out, there's a stranger in town You better watch out when he comes around Don't make a sound Got the morning paper and the headlines read: Danger to the queen Buckingham Palace better tighten things up The son of a bitch is mean. Vendors on the corner just doin' their job acting like nothing's new Scotland Yard's still looking for him but he doesn't leave A single clue... what can they do? Chorus Who's this man who fell out of the sky? What's he done and where's he live? How can a man who's a criminal be a hero to the kids? The old couple swear The Ripper's back They say it's him all right The young girl says it's Jesus And he won't be back again tonight I wonder who's right Chorus


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