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# Debut Chart
18 Nov '84 Hot 100


I need a love that grows I don't want it unless I know With each passin' hour Someone, somehow Will be there, ready to share I need a love that's strong I'm so tired of being alone But will my lonely heart Play the part of the fool again Before I begin [CHORUS] Foolish heart, hear me calling Stop before you start falling Foolish heart, heed my warning You've been wrong before Don't be wrong anymore

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Feelin' that feelin' again I'm playin' a game I can't win Love's knockin' on the door Of my heart once more Think I'll let her in Before I begin [repeat CHORUS] Foolish heart Foolish, foolish heart You've been wrong before (Foolish, foolish) [repeat CHORUS] Foolish heart Oh, foolish, foolish heart You've been wrong before Foolish, foolish heart Foolish heart


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