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Lyrics by: Rick Springfield
# Debut Chart
26 May '84 Hot 100
41 Jun '84 Mainstream Rock


I know just what you're doing You don't want to put the hurt on someone You've been trying to convince yourself You're better off if you just turn and run But I'm gonna hold on tight I've got a feeling You'll only happen once to me And no one, not even you Is ever gonna make you wrong for me [CHORUS] Don't walk away Or are you looking for a price to pay Is that your master plan Don't walk away I'll do everything to make you stay I've got to make a stand Don't walk away I'm not afraid Don't walk away I don't know where you're going But I know what you've got on your mind I think your fear is showing You don't leave things like fear behind And I hate to be the one To break it to you that Were only human after all I can mend a broken wing I'll give you everything I have [repeat CHORUS] You used to be the one Who used to be so strong What happened to your rationale Your heart is on the line It happens all the time Don't walk away Don't walk away

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[repeat CHORUS] [repeat CHORUS] Don't walk away


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