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Lyrics by: Bob McDill
# Debut Chart
9 Nov '83 Country


2 young kids, a night in May A country road & a Chevrolet Beneath the summer moon Almost a woman, almost a man Things like this get out of hand 17, & that's too soon

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CHORUS: You can call it youth & blame it on the night, you can call it life & say that it's not right, you can call it foolish Blame it on the stars above, call it what you want I call it love Blood runs high &, wrong or right They lose their heads & run off one night & what's done can't be undone Thinkin' life's an easy thing A borrowed dress & a wedding ring 18, & that's too young (chorus) (instrumental) Time goes on & in a while It's a rented room & a month-old child & they're down to just gettin' by It's hard to last when life's that way People shake their heads & say They won't make it, ah but they might (chorus) I call it love


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