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6 Feb '83 Country


The band is comin' on and so are most guys, Approachin' me with their overused lines; And while you slow dance, they try to charm the pants off of you. Through the smoke-filled room, I caught your stare. Though I was cool, you were aware That I needed someone who would come and answer my prayers.

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[CHORUS] Oh, save me; take me away to the moonlight. People around, it don't feel right. What are we doin' here? Come on, save me; let's get away from the action. You are the only attraction. Take me away from here. As you make your way across the floor, I fantasize we were out the door And on our way to some hideaway for love. You took my hand as if you knew This was somethin' that I'd never do, And without a word I heard you say it too. [repeat CHORUS] Loneliness takes willingness--needs a place to start. Could it be tonight will leave us inside each other's heart? [repeat CHORUS]


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